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June is Men’s Health Month

Throughout June, Men’s Health Month focuses on improving the lifestyles of men. While there are several approaches to improving overall health, diet and exercise are the targets of any changes.

We have put together some tips that can help you improve your mental and physical health below:

1. Tweak your diet – Cut back on alcohol this month or up your intake of healthy fermented food.

2. Set some goals – Use this month to take stock of your health now and think about where you would like to be. Start by setting small and achievable goals and work with your doctor to make them a reality.

3. Get educated – Take this time to read about common health issues that are specific to men and how you can prevent yourself from getting hurt!

4. Know your preventable risks

5. Take steps to create healthful habits

6. Schedule routine tests for early detection of disease

7. Learn your risk factors

8. Document your family history with your physician

All month long, community events and clinics take place to increase awareness of the leading health concerns men face. It is important to encourage the men in our lives to get regular checkups and be aware of the risks for their age, ethnicity, and lifestyle.

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