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Best Ways to Manage Your Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition that affects how your body uses blood sugar. To help manage diabetes, you can exercise, take blood glucose tests, watch what you eat, and take medicine. Those with type 1 diabetes require insulin to maintain their blood sugar levels, while individuals who have type 2 diabetes may not need it if they make healthy lifestyle modifications. There are many types of insulin available such as needles and syringes, insulin pens, or an insulin pump

Here are the best ways to manage diabetes

  1. Exercise Regulary to help your body to better absorb glucose from the bloodstream. Try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 times a week!
  2. Eating fresh foods from each food group and limiting red and processed meats is important.
  3. Talk with a healthcare professional to review your diabetes case.
  4. Avoid Smoking. 
  5. Having A1C tests are also recommended at least twice a year to get an idea on how well you’re managing diabetes.

Managing diabetes is important to keep other diseases away and stay full of energy!

Source: Medline Plus

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